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Application of activated calcium in PVC


Now the application of activated calcium is very much, today we will look at the application of PVC how. Talc manufacturer

This kind of product is activated by adding stearic acid  coupling agent into the product. After activation, the precipitation volume of the activated product is smaller, the dispersion is better,  the oil absorption value is small. The addition amount of calcium powder can be increased, the amount of lubricating agent can be slightly reduced,  the performance  appearance of the product will be slightly better.

The application in rubber industry can improve the dispersibility  demoulding performance of the products, increase the surface finish  tortuosity of the products,  improve the processability  physical  mechanical properties of the products.

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In the plastic industry, it can improve the flexibility, strength  stability of plastic products, improve the processing performance of products, greatly increase the filling amount  reduce the mold.

The application of active calcium in PVC is the above-mentioned. If you need, you can come to our company to buy,  our company will provide you with high-quality products.



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