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The function of talcum powder in sealant strip


A small amount of talcum powder can make the sealant strip blanking fast easy to demould, more will reduce the cost harden the rubber strip. Manufacturer of heavy calcium powder

1. Determine the size of the sealing strip to avoid too long too short of the sealing strip, the height width of the sealing strip are inconsistent with the size of the outer frame of the door window.

2. the appropriate type of sealant strip determine the type of sealant strip to be purchased, including type I, type D type E, so as to avoid that the purchased sealant strip cannot be installed used.

3. the material of sealing strip, determine the material of sealing strip according to different use environment, characteristics functions. For example, EPDM sealing strip is mainly used for sealing in high temperature steam environment. In short, the material of sealing strip is selected according to the service state of doors windows.

4. For the inspection of sealant strip, when selecting the sealing strip of doors windows, pay attention to whether there are obvious cracks uneven concave convex on the sealing strip. The surface of the sealing strip is required to be clean, free of scratch, bruise, rust, flat smooth, uniform thickness no air hole.

How much is the factory of heavy calcium powder

5. The quality of sealing strip can be judged five aspects

(1) Hand tearing

Take a seal in its very thin part for tearing. The greater the force, the higher the glue content. That is to say, the comprehensive performance of the sealing strip is very good, so you can consider purchasing.

(2) Hand pull

Take the sealing strip in your hand pull it to both ends like pulling a rope. First, check whether it can be broken, then see whether it can rebound. The better the elasticity of the sealing strip is, which means that the sealing strip will deform due to the long-term closing pressure of the door after the sealing strip is installed.

(3) Scrape the seal with your fingernails

The sealing strip with poor material has low glue content, the surface of the rubber strip is easy to be scratched white. After the sealing strip is installed on the door, as long as there is hard object collision slight scratch, the sealing strip will be "broken", which is beautiful.

(4) Visual observation of the sealing strip

It is to see whether the brightness of the cross-section joint of the sealing strip is close to the surface color of the sealing strip. If it is close, it means that there is much filler in the sealing strip material, so you can buy it.

(5) Smell the seal through your nose

If the sealing strip has peculiar smell plastic smell, the sealing strip is suitable for use on wooden doors. The standard sealing strip should be tasteless with a little natural rubber smell.

6. The quality of sealant strip material

Wrap the sealant strip on the profile as tightly as possible, place it under high temperature for a period of time (placed on the roof in a place with sufficient sunshine). Observe whether the contact surface of the profile the sealing strip is stained discolored, whether the dust on the surface of the sealing strip turns yellow (if there is oil on the sealing strip surface, it is easy to absorb soil), whether it is stained with hands hands. The surface of the sealing strip with good material is smooth, dustproof dustproof Oil resistant, high temperature resistant, under high temperature irradiation, there will be no yellowing, oil leakage, hands dirty other phenomena.

7. Weigh the sealing strip of the same material

If the same amount of sealing strip material is good, the weight is light. Adding talcum powder heavy calcium in the sealing strip to increase the product weight is much heavier than the regular addition of light calcium carbonate. in the sales of sealing strip, the price is calculated according to the weight. Therefore, the selection of sealing strip should be specific to the sealing strip of the same material model.



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