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Physical chemical parameters of talc powder


Physical chemical parameters of talc

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Molecular structure data of talc powder 1. Molar refractive index: unavailable 2. Molar volume (m3 / mol): unavailable 3. Isotonic specific volume (90.2k): unavailable 4. Surface tension (dyne / cm): unavailable 5. Dielectric constant: unavailable 6. Polarizability (10-24 cm3): unavailable 7. Single isotope mass: 377.817456 Da 8. Nominal mass: 378 da 9. Average mass: 379.2657 Da

Molecular structure data of talc powder

1. Molar index: available

2. Molar volume (m3 / mol): no available

3. Isotonic specific volume (90.2k): none available

4. Surface tension (dyne / cm): none available

5. Dielectric constant: available

6. Polarizability (10-24 cm3): none available

7. Single isotope mass: 377.817456 Da

8. Nominal mass: 378 Da

9. Average mass: 379.2657 Da

Talcum powder is a kind of white fine powder, which has greasy feeling by hand. It is often used on the wall in home decoration. In addition, talc powder has certain value in medicine. Talc powder is generally harmless, but some substandard products may contain heavy metal lead. Be sure to do a good job in dust prevention wear dust masks. To prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis.

Sales of talcum powder manufacturers

The raw ore of talc powder is talc, which is silicate talc ore. The main component of talc powder is magnesium silicate hydrate. After excavation, sediment miscellaneous stones can be removed. Its mineral, Gandan, tastes cold enters stomach bladder meridian. It can help the human body to clear away heat dampness, clear summer heat, can be used to treat heat dampness, etc. External use can dispel moisture, at the same time can be added into the decoction, wrapped with gauze, external talcum powder can be spread on the affected area, can treat eczema, prickly heat so on.

Talc powder can be used in the following ways:

(1) Powder direct addition method. Talc powder is directly mixed with plastic raw materials extruded granulated by twin-screw extruder to produce modified plastic raw materials, which is a common method in plastic modification also a more economical method.

(2) Carrier free masterbatch method. Talc powder is made into a kind of loose particles without carrier by a special process, then the particles are mixed with plastic materials, then granulated into modified plastic raw materials by twin-screw extruder. This method has two advantages: one is to reduce the dust pollution in the production process improve the modified occupational environment; the other is to improve the stratification between particles powder in the mixing process, improve the uniformity of materials in the mixing process, so as to improve the product quality.



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