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Industrial grade talc powder
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Deep processing of talc powder


Talc powder deep processing: talc is a kind of stone, but it is the softest stone. You can leave scratches on talc with fingernails. Soft talc can also replace chalk to write! Mention talc, who knows it can also be used to process cosmetics? Talc contains a lot of silicon, which can block infrared rays enhance the sunscreen anti infrared properties of cosmetics. Seeing here, I think many people who love beauty can't help but feel a lot of favor for talc. Manufacturer of heavy calcium powder

Talc is a common silicate mineral, which is generally in the form of block, leaf, fiber radiation, its color is white gray white. Talc has many uses, such as refractory, medicine, papermaking, rubber filler, pesticide absorbent, leather coating, cosmetic material carving material, etc. as a filler for strengthening upgrading, talc can increase the stability of product lines, increase the strength, color, particle size, etc. Talc is also an important ceramic raw material, which is used in ceramic body glaze. High temperature does change color, whiteness is enhanced, density is uniform, luster is good, surface is smooth.

Industrial talc manufacturer

After a series of processing, talc can be ground into fine powder, namely talc powder. The talc powder most widely used in the market has specifications of 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, etc. it can be seen that the deep processing of talc powder requires different types of pulverizer. 200 mesh 325 mesh talc powder can be processed by Raymond mill high pressure roller mill, 500 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh 1250 mesh talc powder can be produced by superfine mill. The production process of talc powder mainly refers to grinding talc powder to a certain fineness, so as to achieve the purpose of medicine industrial reproduction.



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